Electronic Signature Integration

Electronic Signature Integration
with DocuSign

Easily and efficiently execute documents using DocuSign, our E-Signature partner.

Sign and share documents from the case management system in a few clicks - no need for paper copies. Allow your customers to sign documents digitally at their convenience.

Increase time efficiency by using electronic signatures for all your documents. Electronic signatures prevent unnecessary delays in posting the documents to other parties.

Documents signed in a timely, compliant and highly secure manner

Use electronic agreements to streamline company operations and reduce costs. Agree with confidence thanks to simple signing processes on almost any device with Thread and DocuSign.

Build credibility through a professional signing experience for your customers with Thread by leveraging branded templates and customizable fields for quickly designating who signs where.

  • Easily designate who should sign the document and where; and obtain signatures in a seamless way that improves the customer and employee experience. Centrally store and manage all your agreements.
  • Efficiently get agreements done through remote document collaboration, integrations with popular tools, the ability to sign documents anywhere and from any device, email & text reminders and status tracking.


Boost business efficiency
and reduce costs

Streamline your end-to-end documents with electronic signatures.

Send and request documents with a click, no more printing. Get important documents signed digitally in minutes not hours.

Increase security

Protect your documents with enterprise-grade security and compliance controls without sacrificing the user experience.

DocuSign documents are tamper-proof, assuring that the downloaded electronic signature is genuine and hasn’t been tampered with.

Make compliance easier

Keep track of your document’s progress at every stage of the process with a thorough log of all actions, from sending to accepting or denying a signature.


Case Contacts

From recording addresses to attaching documents you can collate all relevant contacts information in one location.

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Case Collaboration

Allow your entire legal team to work on a case at the same time.

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Cloud Software with Microsoft

Access files from any location, any device, any time. Always 100% protected by Microsoft’s enterprise security.

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Smart Search

Instantly search your entire system with any simple word, phrase or number.

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Custom Fields

Create Custom Fields unique to your practice, to optimise your workflow within Thread Legal.

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Personalised Homepage

Personalised homepage, tailored to your role, with information relevant to you. Everything you need to manage and prioritise your workload.

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Scan directly into Thread Legal, with AI-supported linking to files.

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Remote Working

Work from home, from court, or on the move. Access Thread Legal from any internet-connected device. Important client data is always at your fingertips.

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Data Security

Your data is stored in the most certified datacentres in the world. At a location chosen by you. With permission settings that mean you always control who has access to your sensitive information.

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File Management

Onboard, manage and update clients within minutes, with end-to-end file management.

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Document Management

Add, edit, co-author, and share documents securely. Autogenerate important file documents within seconds and briefs within minutes.

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Email Tracking

No-click email management. Emails and email responses are automatically saved onto the file when you send from Thread Legal.

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Thread Legal provides a 360 degree view of each contact, tracking key documents, associated files and much more.

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Time Recording

Track time automatically across documents, emails, phone calls and file management. Easily convert time into client bills.

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Automated Templates

Automatically generate your frequently used documents. Client-ready documents in one click, or even no clicks.

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Create diary appointments from within a file, and automatically sync with your Outlook calendar.

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Document Bundles Generator

Save hours of time per brief, with Thread Legal’s inbuilt document bundles generator.

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Insights into individual, firm and financial performance at a glance.

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Phone Messages

Never miss another call, with call logs that can be viewed from your dashboard or mobile device.

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Task Management

Create, manage and delegate tasks for you and your team.

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Key Dates

Never miss another important date, with key date logging, dashboards and automatic reminders.

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Accounting Integrations

Thread integrates seamlessly with accounting software packages such as Klyant, Quill, QuickBooks, and Xero.

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GDPR Compliance

Thread Legal stores data in a GDPR-compliant manner, and helps you to fulfil your GDPR responsibilities.

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Access Control & Permissions

Full, granular control over which employees have access to files within your case management system. Access can be granted or removed instantly.

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AML Compliance

Attach AML documents and answer key questions within a client record, so that it is easy to see, verify and report on.

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