Streamline, simplify and improve how you work.

Beyond just integration – this is case management built in Microsoft 365.

All the Microsoft tools that you love and are already familiar with together in one place.
All you need to manage a client, case, or project - together. All related Microsoft emails, documents, files, and folders - together. An easier, smarter and safer case management system.

Who uses Thread?
Legal practices, from 1 to 100.
Handling high case volumes.
Already using Microsoft 365.
Thread has cut out so much paperwork and helps us to run a more efficient business, shortening processes, with less unnecessary communication.
- Stephen Fitzpatrick, Peter Fitzpatrick Legal Cost Accountants
Why Thread?

Everything you do today, just easier, smarter, faster.

Your Microsoft tools and data gathered into one streamlined, intelligent interface. No need for a standalone case management system – stay in Microsoft – no more migrations. Benefit from all Microsoft’s security and ongoing developments and innovation.

legal case management software

Easy to use design templates, task automation and reporting.

Switch on and automate your complex legal tasks, free up valuable time and generate more value for your business. If there are specific business rules, our native flexibility with custom fields is a perfect way to match those needs.

Built in

Security by Microsoft

While working in Thread all your document and email data remains safely stored in your existing Microsoft Office 365 account. The data is not duplicated to Thread, and remains fully protected by Microsoft’s security.

Familiarity of Microsoft

As Thread is an extension of Microsoft 365 you’ll enjoy the ease and speed of using familiar interfaces and functions.

Future Proofed

Built-in-Microsoft, with Thread as your legal case management software you will benefit directly and immediately from all Microsoft’s new functionality, integrations and upgrades.
The Thread Solution

Built to serve legal

We are an established, Microsoft-accredited, software development company specialising in empowering and supporting legal professionals and teams.

for Legal

  • Microsoft approved & certified.
  • Microsoft systems & architecture.
  • Microsoft data centres & security.
We love the concept, the integration, that it’s built within Microsoft with everything integrated and connected. It works very well. Also the security of knowing it’s an international brand.
Stephen Fitzpatrick, Peter Fitzpatrick Legal Cost Accountants

20 Years of
IT for Legal

Thread has evolved from 20 years of providing IT systems and support to legal professionals and teams globally.

Thread is our 20-year-overnight success! I’m delighted to see our legal software go global.
Shane Branagan, CEO, Thread

Guidance &
Support for Legal

We’re here to help you practice law, empowered by software that’s built for legal, and supported by a team that understands what you do.

They’re responsive, quick, and very versatile in how they help.
Emma Leahy, Frank Buttimer Solicitors
The transition from our old platform to Thread was efficient, straightforward, and all managed well by the team.
- Brian McMullin, Brian J. McMullin

Guided Transition

Our expert transition team will guide you every step of the way. We’ll align our software with your needs, surface your existing files and data to Thread, liaise with your project leader and your IT providers, train your team, and get you up and running. All surprisingly easy as you’re already on Microsoft365!


Drive productivity & profitability.

You don’t need a separate legal case management platform, just get Microsoft working the way you need it. Thread aligns all the power of Microsoft to the specific needs of legal practices. A smarter, easier solution to drive productivity and profitability.


All you need for your case drawn to one window. Fully integrated Outlook. The Microsoft tools you’re already familiar with. Faster, smarter, easier work. More than you’ll get from case management software that’s separated from Microsoft.


Let technology do more of the work – especially recording, tracking, sharing, reminding and billing. Increase automation, reduce admin overhead, move people to higher value work and increase billable time.

Strengthen practice management.

Gain a deeper and clearer view into how your practice operates. Powerful, customisable reporting, including Microsoft Power BI reporting, featuring real-time access to data. Build a true, clear picture, for more fully informed decision making.


Empower your people with an easier, faster, smarter legal case management system. One that integrates all the Microsoft tools they’re already familiar and helps them to drive their own effectiveness, productivity and billing.


  • Profitability
  • Billable Time
  • Productivity
  • Service Quality
  • Motivation
  • Security


  • Administration
  • Time Wasting
  • Duplication
  • Errors
  • Risk
There’s an ease and a speed with Thread. It’s instantaneous.
- William Clarke, Clarke Jeffers

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