Law Firm Case Study: Ana Hernandez & Asociados SRL

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21 Dec 2022
Thread Legal Case Study - Ana Hernandez & Asociados SRL

Ana Hernandez & Asociados SRL is a family-owned Law Firm based in the Dominican Republic.

Established by Ana Hernandez and now managed in coordination with daughter and partner Aniana Martinez Hernandez, the firm provides legal services of all kinds to both Dominicans and foreigners, specializing in the following practice areas: Real estate law, Commercial and Corporate Law, Labour Law, Tax Law and Tax Procedure, Litigation, Family Law (Family Councils, Alimony, Divorces and others), Alternative conflict solutions (conciliation, mediation, arbitration, etc.), and Criminal law.

“I can tell you that Thread Legal Software is the best solution because everything is there” – Aniana  Martinez Hernandez, Partner.

Law Firm Case Study: Ana Hernandez & Asociados SRL

The Challenge of Ana Hernandez & Asociados SRL before Thread

Aniana  Martinez Hernandez described how the law firm was struggling with getting modernized to improve the firm’s organization and to have more straightforward processes.

“The company was founded by my mom about 30 years ago, it is a small company. My intention was, for my mom to modernize the practice when I joined the team. Although she had a server-based system, the system depended a lot on a central figure, lawyer, manager or accountant to visualize things, and organize all documentation.

We wanted to have something that would allow us to work remotely, in addition, to help us organize the workload”.

 Why did Ana Hernandez & Asociados SRL choose Thread?

“My father is a software engineer, and he recommended some software solutions that were not available yet in Latin America or their functionalities were limited and accountancy dedicated. After some more research, we ran into Thread Legal Software.

For me it was immediately the top option as it’s one of the most comprehensive tools, everything is in there! It is easy to use so anyone could run it, not only the Legal department but also the accountancy department.

Every change is controlled through the software and visible to everyone allowed access to such files and/or documents. If my mom has a question regarding the expenses, she doesn’t need to contact the person on a charge, she can see the changes herself whenever she needs them”.

The Results

Tracking the time spend on cases, matters, and areas of law, was important for Ana, as they wanted to maximize their productivity as well as increase the team’s motivation and billable hours.

“I would advise anyone looking to do business with Thread Legal, not to think twice! It is one single place to manage all files, documents and cases. It’s all centralized saving you lots of time. The business has changed and improved thanks to Thread, and everyone can witness and experience that improvement. It changes the way that you work and as a result, the quality of service you provide”.

“The time-tracking functionality was one of my favourite ones. You could track the time that you spent on what area or subject of law. Thanks to that, productivity increased because it was possible to measure the billable hours. This also allowed us to keep people motivated, and to spend more time on the job. People will settle goals and certain hours of work and will thrive to accomplish their goals and measure the process.

The task management functionality was a top one as well, that way urgency, priorities and deadlines were established and transparent across the team.

Thread has helped us so much through the COVID pandemic. We are often travelling to deal with court dates, diligences and repositions. No matter where I am, I can continue my work from wherever I am. My mom is planning to retire soon, but she could still be checking all progress from the comfort of her home. It has helped us to balance our personal and work lives”

Communication and overall organization have improved. We no longer have this disorder we had, We had 20 copies of the same document because someone modified it. Now we can all work on documents at the same time. If I want to tell my colleague, for example, to review a document with me, because we have a deadline in premium for a deposit, we can do so”.

“My experience with Thread Legal was truly extraordinary”.

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