6 Reasons to Start Investing in a Case Management Systems Today

25 Jun 2021
Benefits of Case Management System

Not sure if a case management system is for you? Here are a few reasons why you should consider it and start improving your business today.

When we first start speaking to clients, many of them know that they need some sort of online system. However, the day-to-day running of their law firm takes up all of their time (and more!) and so trialling case management solutions falls to the bottom of the list.

So why should you put your task list to one side, and invest time in finding a case management system? Here are 6 reasons:

  1. Increase your profits. Moving from a paper-based to a digital system can reduce operating costs by up to 66%. An easy way to increase your bottom line!
  2. Increase the amount of time your lawyers spend doing fee-earning work. Just having a shared database and precedent knowledgebase can save up to 48% of a lawyer’s time. That’s 48% of time they can now spend on more valuable work.
  3. Focus on your most profitable clients and industry segments. With a case management system, you can track costs and expenses vs. fees in real time. This means you can easily understand which work is most profitable for you, and focus your marketing efforts on these clients
  4. Build better client relationships. Ever had a client ask you an urgent question when you were out of the office? With a cloud-based case management system you don’t need to make the client wait, or have the whole office running around trying to find the right files. Just open up your system on your laptop or smart device, and the information is right there at your finger-tips.
  5. Collaborate well. With a case management system, all staff working on a case can see what has been happening, and know when it is their time to step in. No more confusion over who has completed what, or process inefficiencies resulting in wasted time.
  6. Never miss another deadline. When you are managing multiple statute deadlines and other deadlines over a number of cases, it can become complicated. When every staff member manages their deadlines differently, taking over someone else’s case can result in significant wasted admin time copying the same information from one place to another, or even in a date being missed. Having all deadlines tracked within your case management system means that everyone in the office knows what is happening and when. Submission complete!

Investing a small amount of time in selecting and installing a case management system can make your law firm more effective, more efficient and more profitable for years to come.

Have we convinced you yet? If so, click here to see some of our core features and start your case management journey today.

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