Reduce admin,
increase productivity.

If you handle a high case volume, and use the Microsoft Office Suite,
then Thread will streamline and simplify what you do.

There's an ease and a speed with Thread. It's instantaneous.
William Clarke, Clarke Jeffers

Everything you do today, just easier, smarter, faster.

You don’t need a separate case management platform, just get Microsoft 365 working the way you need it. Thread aligns all the power of Microsoft to the specific needs of smaller legal practices. A smarter, easier solution to drive productivity and profitability.

Many small law firms are too busy actually billing to analyse how they bill. Even when work is billed hourly, using spreadsheets or other systems to manage this takes significant amounts of time – as does coordinating multiple time and expense sheets from multiple individuals. The significant amount of time involved in the baseline of these activities means that smaller law firms do not have the time to go any further than this. 

Thread Legal helps you to track time and expenses in real time, quickly and easily. This doesn’t just save you costly administration time. It also gives you the data you need to analyse your cases in real time and determine their profitability. 

If you work on fixed fees, and now know that the time and expenses you spend on one particular type of case makes it consistently unprofitable, you can fix that. If you’re spending a disproportionate amount of time on one case because you’ve got a difficult client you can see the cost of this in hard data.

This gives you the power to understand what is your most profitable work and to ensure that your business is spending the most time where it will get the most value. 

Drive productivity.

All you need for your case drawn to one window. Fully integrated Outlook. The Microsoft tools you’re already familiar with. Faster, smarter, easier work. More than you’ll get from case management software that’s separated from Microsoft.

Increase profitability.

Let technology do more of the work – especially recording, tracking, sharing, reminding and billing. Increase automation, reduce your admin and increase billable time.


  • Profitability
  • Billable Time
  • Productivity
  • Service Quality
  • Motivation
  • Security


  • Administration
  • Time Wasting
  • Duplication
  • Errors
  • Risk

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