Small Law Firm Software

Manage efficiently,
increase your productivity
and achieve rapid growth.

Handle higher case volumes, take full control over their legal firm administration
and become the solicitor of choice with Thread.

The business has changed and improved thanks to Thread, and everyone can witness and experience that improvement. It changes the way that you work and as a result, the quality of service you provide.
- Aniana Martinez Hernandez, Ana Hernandez & Asociados SRL, Dominican Republic
Software for Small Law Firm

Everything you do today, just easier, smarter, faster.

Thread propels your firm’s growth by taking care of the admin work and operations while you take care of your clients.

Thread Software solution specialises in empowering and supporting Small Legal Practices. Whether you are a Solo Practitioner or run a small team, Thread can help you simplify and streamline your work while improving security, task and data management, so that you focus on growing your practice and delighting your clients with amazing service.

No need for a separate case management platform, just get Microsoft 365 working the way you need it. Thread aligns all the power of Microsoft to the specific needs of smaller legal practices. A smarter, easier solution to drive productivity and profitability.

Free valuable time to:

  • Focus on practising law and become the legal advisor or choice.
  • Acquire new customers in a more efficient way
  • Increase staff productivity and focus on staff training.
  • Run a business on the go, and access information from wherever you are.

Track documents, emails but most importantly your TIME

Automation is built within our software with valuable features like time recording, file and email tracking, document sharing, event reminding, billing, and compliance, making your live easier, and giving you more time to focus on revenue.

Thread Legal helps you to track time and expenses in real time, quickly and easily, NO MORE SPREADSHEETS.

If you work on fixed fees, and now know that the time and expenses you spend on one particular type of case makes it consistently unprofitable, you can fix that. If you’re spending a disproportionate amount of time on one case because you’ve got a difficult client you can see the cost of this in hard data.

This gives you the power to understand what is your most profitable work and to ensure that your business is spending the most time where it will get the most value.

Integrate your favourite accounting systems with Thread and streamline your work with no interruptions.

We integrate with your prefered accounting solution

A tool that you and all your team will enjoy using:

Administrative Staff

Automate billing processes, spend less time on repetitive tasks and report on your team’s productivity.


Track and invoice billable hours, and make dealing with non-billable administrative work an easy task.


Track communications, find the information and legal documents that you need, when you need them, and collaborate on real-time.


  • Profitability
  • Billable Time
  • Productivity
  • Service Quality
  • Motivation
  • Security


  • Administration
  • Time Wasting
  • Duplication
  • Errors
  • Risk

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