Software for Medium Size Law Firms

Scale your business
and gain a competitive edge

Increase repeated businesses and the number of cases handled with Thread Software.

Thread has cut out so much paperwork and helps us to run a more efficient business, shortening processes, with less unnecessary communication.
- Stephen Fitzpatrick, Peter Fitzpatrick Legal Cost Accountants
Software for Small Law Firm

Get the most out of the tools you are already familiar with

Today’s Law Firms operate in a very competitive and dynamic industry. Aside from the necessary administrative burden that business development imposes, we see growing complications for Medium size Legal Teams as technology becomes more complex — problems like collecting fees and managing a hybrid workforce.

Thread is a one-stop platform for time recording, file tracking, document sharing, event reminding, real-time collaboration and communication, billing, and compliance.

Thread organizational intelligence reports are built with Microsoft Power BI reporting system, giving you a deeper and clearer view of the firm’s operation.

Automate complex legal repetitive tasks and steaming workflows with one single platform, no need for third-party apps, or integrations, this is the only solution you will ever need.

Free valuable time to:

  • Focus on becoming more the top expert and the to-go firm in your practice area.
  • Increase the number of repeated business, billable hours and number of cases handled.
  • Scale your firm as fast as you want, supported by the best technology.
  • Have a deeper and clearer view of the firm’s operations, and drive efficiencies.

Cloud Case Management Software for Law Firms

Scale in size and in profitability.

More people – no problem.

Bigger systems often become almost obsolete as soon as they are installed, and large amounts of money can be spent on upgrades. Thread Legal is built with Microsoft technology, meaning that whatever innovations Microsoft create, whether in the fields of AI, blockchain, bots or upcoming ideas, can be incorporated within Thread Legal.

Don’t spend more money on different expensive and unfriendly solutions, just use the Microsoft tools you already have and work more efficiently. Thread aligns all the power of Microsoft to the specific needs of legal practices.


And future proof your business.

Our software is updated every six weeks, therefore your team will benefit from the latest Microsoft updates very quickly.

Thread’s flexibility is perfect for Medium size firms as it adapts to your team’s needs as the team grows. Because at this level, teams will require more specific features or changes, we have a dedicated team that will hear your suggestions and if approved such changes can be implemented within a matter of weeks rather than months or years!

As technology continues to evolve, Thread Legal has the capability to evolve with it and to incorporate the latest Microsoft technology to benefit the modern Medium sized Law Firm.


  • Profitability
  • Billable Time
  • Productivity
  • Service Quality
  • Motivation
  • Security


  • Administration
  • Time Wasting
  • Duplication
  • Errors
  • Risk

Drive productivity.

All you need for your case drawn to one window. Fully integrated Outlook. The Microsoft tools you’re already familiar with. Faster, smarter, easier work. More than you’ll get from case management software that’s separated from Microsoft.

Increase profitability.

Let technology do more of the work – especially recording, tracking, sharing, reminding and billing. Increase automation, reduce admin overhead, move people to higher value work and increase billable time.

Strengthen practice management.

Gain a deeper and clearer view into how your practice operates. Powerful, customisable reporting, including Microsoft Power BI reporting, featuring real-time access to data. Build a true, clear picture, for more fully informed decision making.

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