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Empower your entire team.

Case management built in Microsoft 365, to the specific needs of your practice.
Empowering your team to work easier, faster and smarter.

We needed a solution that delivered consistency, speed and made the team more effective. Thread does everything we need it to.
Deirdre Coleman, Coillte.

Streamline, simplify and strengthen your organisation.

Get the Microsoft Environment working the way you need it. Thread aligns all the power of Microsoft to the specific needs of legal practices.  

Enterprise law firms are pro-actively targeted by hackers due to the volume of sensitive personal data that they hold. Thread Legal is built in Microsoft, and data is hosted in Microsoft Azure data centres. Microsoft has the most security certifications of any cloud provider, and are trusted by governments and multinational companies across the globe. Their SLAs promise at least 99.9% uptime, so you can be sure that you won’t lose access to your data due to upgrades or other maintenance. 

Microsoft allow you to dictate where you would like your data to be held, so that you can easily comply with GDPR requirements. 

With Thread Legal, your data remains your property both during and after your contract, and your IT department is responsible for its management. This means that your IT department always remains in control, and you can be sure that your data is as safe as your IT team can make it. 

Increase profitability.

Let technology do more of the work – especially recording, tracking, sharing, reminding and billing. Increase automation, reduce admin overhead, move people to higher value work and increase billable time.

Strengthen practice management.

Gain a deeper and clearer view into how your practice operates. Powerful, customisable reporting, including Microsoft Power BI reporting, featuring real-time access to data. Build a true, clear picture, for more fully informed decision making.

Increase motivation.

Empower your people with an easier, faster, smarter case management system. One that integrates all the Microsoft tools they’re already familiar and helps them to drive their own effectiveness, productivity and billing.


  • Profitability
  • Billable Time
  • Productivity
  • Service Quality
  • Motivation
  • Security


  • Administration
  • Time Wasting
  • Duplication
  • Errors
  • Risk

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